Quality Herbs and Supplements
Quinn Family Health offers Fullscript, an online dispensary that ships directly to your home. 
Current patients can click here to log in to their account. 

Beginning in September, we will stock a small selection of products that are not available on Fullscript. If you are a current patient and need to order something that is not available on Fullscript, please call or message your doctor through your portal and we can drop ship it to you in the meantime.

875 Greenland Road Unit B11
Portsmouth, NH

Phone Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 9am-1pm, Thursday 9am-4pm
Office visits and supplement pick ups by appointment.

Dr. Quinn and Dr. Christoforou will continue to see all scheduled patients through telehealth and in office visits while we all are working to stay healthy, happy and connected during this unprecedented time of COVID19.